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"Vancouver Based pop sensation Kat Beck returns with her latest single, ‘Hooked On Your Love’

"Kat Beck has talent, dedication to her craft and is one heck of a writer as well"  Adam Stanton (Producer).

Kat Beck is a Songwriter and Solo Artist born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. You might recognize Kat Nationally from her participation in the Ottawa bluesfest “She’s The One Emerging Female Artist Competition” or the “La Voix Junior” Television show from Quebec, where she received a standing ovation from all three judges! Kat's Genre is Pop Music, and her style currently borders Pop and EDM, although she is still experimenting within the Pop genre.


"My artistic vision is to provide a voice of support for my generations challenges, while confronting stereotypes, as well as covering the universal  concepts of Love, Dreams, Hope and Heartbreak. It might sound cheesy to say that my life is music, but I really do feel that way. I can’t imagine a time that  I wasn’t expressing myself through music, not just my own but through the music I listen to"

Kat Beck.

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